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At the store we offer a holistic and one on one approach to grooming. All appointments are booked one client at a time, and we do not use crates during any time. From a "full groom", (bath, nails, blowdry, haircut, ear cleaning) to a simple brush out or sanitary cut, we are happy to do our best to accomodate all clients. Cats and dogs are both accepted, as well as guinea pigs, rabbits, or ferrets for nail trims.


Love the idea of an aquarium but not the upkeep? We are happy to offer aquarium and pond maintenace services throughout Massachusetts. We are experienced in setting up and maintining fish tanks and ponds in homes, offices, schools, restaurants, etc and can help you create a stunning set up without the hassle of maintaining it yourself. If you are interested, please send an email with a description of your current set up and we are happy to send a quote depending on your desired services.


Boarding is usually always available for birds, reptiles, and small animals. We reccomend you bring your own cage for your pet so they are familiar with their surroundings but we do have extra cages to accomodate most all birds, reptiles, and small animals if bringing your own cage is not possible. We ask that you please make sure you send your pet with enough food to last their stay, if it is not something we stock in the store. Prices vary, please call or email for any further details.

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