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A major key to maintaining health and wellness in your pet first comes from what they are eating. We offer many different options for both cat and dog from conventional style dry food, wet foods, freeze dried, and frozen raw. If your pet has an allergy, a sensitive stomach, urinary problem, or is a picky eater we have options to cater to each. We have many different supplements and approaches to cover their dental needs, hip and joint, immunity, etc. Stop in or call and someone is always available to help you make the right choices for your pets. You can find some brands we carry below. If you don’t see a brand you like listed, special orders are welcome and new products are always being added.

 Carna4, Open Farm, Fromm, Inception, Weruva, Steve's Real Food, Small Batch Pets, Natures Logic, Vital Essentials, Rawz, Rawbble, Earth Animal, Polkadog, Charlee Bear, Wagathas, Oma's Pride, Nutrisea, Austin & Kat , Red Barn, Barkworthy,



If you’re looking for a Plush, rubber, rope, fillable toy, or puzzle for your dog we have them all. We have a great selection of cat toys as well, feather toys, teasers, wool toys, catnip toys, scratchers, and trees. We try to stock as many American Made products and sustainable choices as we can.Collars leashes and harnesses are available in all different styles and sizes. Active leashes that clip around the waist for hands free walking, couplers for walking more than one dog at once, rolled leather collars, and lightweight harnesses for cats are all some styles you will find in our store.
We also have high quality life jackets, dog boots, sweaters, and coats.



A few different lines of grooming supplies are available, from basic shampoos and conditioners to all organic paw cleaners & specialty facial scrubs.  Litter boxes, litter, puppy pads, cleaning supplies, crates, gates, and more are all available in store. As always, we try to keep pricing competitive! 

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